[LMB] OT: Jasper Fforde

Michael Bernardi mike at dendarii.co.uk
Wed, 19 Nov 03 20:20:20 +0100 (BST)

"Jerrie Adkins" inquires regarding

> Jasper Fforde who has two titles coming out in the SF Book Club this month:
> _Eyre Affair_ and _Lost in a Good Book_.  The catch is, they're coming out 
> in trade paperback.   Should I rush out to get them, or what?  How good are
> they?
> Jerrie
Well I have to put in my 2d (old money).. They are great fun and I
REALLY ought to check out Jane Eyre too.

But do also check out fforde's whebsite it is REALLY cool. How many
authors allow you to upgrade the text by patching the original? (Unless
you got a later revised version). And even provide a label to show you
book has the latest revision version. (Book 8.3 if I remember
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