[LMB] OT: Airport Security

Kay Shapero kayshapero at earthlink.net
Wed, 19 Nov 2003 14:28:29 -0800

"Paula Lieberman" <paal at gis.net> wrote;

> There are degress of subtlety to practical jokes.... there was for example
> there placement of a bronze plaque on the concrete holding the "modern
> sculpture "Transparent Horizons," a collection of metal not beloved by
> students and alumni, which said "Big Ugly Thing," with cement.

Applause!  Back in the early '70s, I promptly nicknamed the "Hanging Discus"
oversized public art piece suspended unnervingly overhead at the entrance of
the library at San Diego State University the "Hanging Dingus" and it caught
on quickly, but nobody ever thought to put up a plaque.  Not that the campus
was entirely devoid of imagination - the State of California wanted to
rename the place "California State University at San Diego" and since the
sign at the time was a three panel burned-wood affair, mostly rearranged it
adding "California" and "at" in the appropriate places.  This made it easy
for students to sneak out and return it to the original configuration, until
after about a year the alleged powers that be gave up and left the name

> It was not
> noticed by Authorities for several years, apparently.

Presumably, being bronze, it looked Official.  Sorta the sign equivalent of
carrying a clipboard when you seek the air of authority without actually
having any.

> The students were
> very happy about the situation of the plaque having materialized.
> Eventually the Administration discovered it and had it removed... those
> responsible for it having been there, did not replace it.

Probably graduated by then.  Or couldn't afford another bronze plaque.