[LMB] Perceptions (was: Ekaterin - real or construct?)

Debbie lioness at bellsouth.net
Wed, 19 Nov 2003 16:40:18 -0600

>>From: Winter Wolfe <winterwhitewolfe at yahoo.com>
>"Take one part cool reserve to appeal to the Vor in Miles, sprinkle with 
>dark hair and above-average height..."
>It's funny.  I _cannot_ see Eakaterin as tall.  The mind's eye refuses to 
>cooperate.  Taller than _Miles_, certainly, but not _tall_.  I blame the 
>cover of Komarr which paints them face-to-face (or head to head).  It sets 
>up an initial, subconcious image that text (unless you read _very_ 
>carefully) is hard-pressed to undo.
>Anyone else find that happening?  With Komarr or something else?

If he's 4'10" (post cryo-revival) and shoulder-high to her, she should be 
around 5' 3", unless she's got a very long head.  Right at the boundary of 
petite and average height, which would be in line with Tsipis' comment that 
she wasn't as tall as he expected, knowing Miles' tastes.  Well, Miles was 
hoping Taura would wear out his height fetish.

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