[LMB] OT: Arkansas

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As often happens and usually gets forgotten (like the absolutely critical
role of Poland in helping Hitler gobble Czechoslovakia in the 1930's) the
beginnings of wars can be messy. When in the American Civil War Louisiana
seceded from the Union, a bill in its legislature to form an independent
country and outlaw slavery failed by only one vote. Since Britain had
offered an alliance on those terms and France was itching to get involved in
North America again (as it turns out, France conquered Mexico), Lincoln's
very successful Anaconda strategy would have had big problems.

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>> Michele Cox wrote:
>>> I'm from Arkansas, which first did not
>>> secede, then did, then seceded from the Confederacy...
>> If at first you don't secede....
> My folks are from Kentucky which, iirc, did join the Confederacy, but during
> the war gleefully traded with both sides.
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