[LMB] OT: Jasper Fforde

Alexandra Y. Kwan litalex at slashyalex.com
Wed, 19 Nov 2003 19:47:44 -0800


At 18:15 11/19/2003, James Burbidge wrote:
>I _don't_ like Jane Eyre, by the way -- I think of it as a
>self-indulgent spiritual ancestor of the Harlequin romance.  But I like
>the Fforde (that really should be fforde, since the double-f stands in
>for a single capital F, but _he_ spells it that way) riffs on it.

All right, let me rephrase: _Eyre Affair_ is more enjoyable if the reader 
has already read _Jane Eyre_ (and remember the details reasonably well) 
beforehand. I mean, you miss a lot of the allusions if you haven't already 
read _Jane Eyre_, which would make _Eyre Affair_ less funny.

So the other two are good, too, then? I'll try to get them before I leave 
for Hong Kong...

little Alex