[LMB] OT: Airport Security

Paula Lieberman paal at gis.net
Thu, 20 Nov 2003 01:11:51 -0500

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> Hello,
> At 20:31 11/18/2003, Paula Lieberman wrote:

> >Eventually the Administration discovered it and had it removed... those
> >responsible for it having been there, did not replace it.
> Well, after several years, they'd probably graduated...

Wasn't undergraduates who did it, though.  However, some "hacks" do take
longer to put into implementation, than the people who originally think them
up are undergraduates.

There are webpages somewhere on the web on an MIT-associated site, which
have -some- of the practical jokes listed -- but nowhere near all.

The are completely ex-officio style points involved, getting caught loses,
breaking things loses.... leaving indications of how something was done
loses, destructive effects are frowned upon.  [e.g., the wishing well was
constructed ontop of plastic sheeting, to avoid damaging the floor].