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> > Anyone have any thoughts about Miles inviting his former lovers to
> > his wedding?  Is that done?  Why would Ekaterin consent?
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> > Mitch Miller

> I'd think she'd consent just to see what his former lovers are like. She
> knows he's odd, she just wants to know how odd THEY are! And they are his
> friends, and former colleagues, as well, so I think they'd be miffed if
> he hadn't invited them. I mean, Miles finally found a "groundsucker"
> who'd marry him. All of his former lovers are space-based these days and
> didn't want to be stuck on one planet.

Or at least, not on Barrayar!

As for fidelity and such, I'm thinking of several things--A Specter Is
Haunting Texas, by Fritz Leiber, where in the denouement the protagonist
mentions that he's had an affair with an old flame as a quite definitely
married type, mostly to show that he's not -that- completely tamed down;
Venetia in which Venetia's thinking is that even the staid and sober local
baronet hasn't been completely faithful to his wife and that Venetia isn't
blind to the propensity of the person she wants to marry having expensive
tastes for opera dancers and such; there's the dinner party in Fredericka
where the Marquis' guests includes his current paramour and her
hunting-preoccupied husband... it wasn't Caroline Lamb's infidelity that was
the cause of the scandals about her, it was her entirely too public
desperate chasing around after Lord Byron, her total abandonment of tact,
and her spectacularly inept too public suicide attempt that got her
ostracized and eventually locked up for lost sanity.

While in Regency and Georgian England an opera dancer or actress wouldn't be
invited to a wedding, former paramours of one's own social class, were very
likely to be among the guests apparently.