[LMB] Perceptions (was: Ekaterin - real or construct?) (drifting OT)

Padget, Scott R scott.r.padget at boeing.com
Thu, 20 Nov 2003 13:11:27 -0600

Ginnilee wrote re Miles and Ekaterin:
> I feel sorry for him in
> that he'll always be looking UP at her for a kiss, rather than down. 

Oh?  Why is this something to feel sorry about?  I don't feel sorry for 
him at all (or at least not about *that*).

I actually quite *enjoy* leaning in and craning up for a kiss, on those 
(admittedly less common than the reverse)[1] occasions when I'm with 
someone much taller than myself.

Of course, I enjoy getting *climbed* by those way smaller than myself, 
too.  And I find there are a lot of advantages in being of similar 
heights, as well.  So maybe I'm a bit too catholic in my tastes to be 
a good judge of such things.

Pilot Padget--who got a kick out of just *witnessing* the Psychopixie's 
first encounter with Ian (running start, VAULT!, scramble, shinny, climb, 
*HUG*, sliiiiide back down...)

[1] Just for the record, it's not *my* fault or *my* preferences that 
cause this to be so uncommon.  I've confessed a "thing" for Taura, after