[LMB] Miles' wedding

Padget, Scott R scott.r.padget at boeing.com
Thu, 20 Nov 2003 13:11:30 -0600

Oh, heck, I suppose I can join the flood....

Zivia asks:  
> Does anyone on list have current SigOth and previous SigOth who know each 
> other and get along?  (Just Curious)

*snerk*  Heh.  Surely you jest.  Of COURSE!

But why the assumption that it's "current" AND "previous"?  What about two 
(or more) *current* SigOths who get along?  (A lot more common situation 
on this list than one might think....)

Margali explains her relationships:
> my game husband...who we jokingly refer to as 
> my junior husband.

Why jokingly?

> Admittedly I am an atypical sample :-)

Uh, yeah.  What she said.  <g>  

Even during my monogamous-married days I never understood the vast importance 
some people place on Despising The Spouse's Ex(es).  I only had serious 
problems with *one* of my (then) wife's exes, and that was more the "rapist" 
thing than the "ex" thing.

Pilot Padget--who prefers getting along with *people* regardless