[LMB] OT Jane Eyre

Jessie Emerson jessie at sirsi.com
Thu, 20 Nov 2003 13:57:32 -0600

No desire to defend romance literature, but a word about "Jane Eyre"
(one of my favorite novels of all time).  There is a romance element,
but there's so much more, much of it revolving around the mad woman in
the attic (read "Wide Sargasso Sea" to see how it has affected feminist
literature). I think Orson Welles said that "Jane Eyre" was the greatest
story ever written, or something like that (sorry, no references for
that, just a memory in the back of my mind).  Of course, he was *awful*
as Rochester!  It always messes with my suspension of disbelief when he
has a fake nose in a movie.

Now, "Wuthering Heights"--what a ghastly novel! Yuck! :^)

Jessie in Alabama

James Burbridge said:

> I _don't_ like Jane Eyre, by the way -- I think of it as a >
self-indulgent spiritual ancestor of the Harlequin romance.