[LMB] OT Jane Eyre

K S bobkat98 at shaw.ca
Thu, 20 Nov 2003 22:26:21 -0800

> Hello,
> At 17:19 11/20/2003, K S wrote:
> >maybe a Tien....  I've never had a lot of patience with overly nurturing
> >characters like Jane, it feels to fake to me.  Mothers and wives don't
> I don't think she's being nurturing; the accident allowed *him* to choose
> her as a wife, not allow her to choose him as a husband. And really, St.
> John isn't exactly the most appealing guy either.
> little Alex

YMMV.  He'd already decided he wanted to marry her, that he'd commit bigamy
(and not the nice kind) to get her.  I can see him using his miserable
appearance to manipulate her into pitying him enough to reconsider him.
He's not nice or interesting or anything beyond some charisma and a dark
brooding quality.  Maybe nice for a fling, but marriage material?

And how does the accident allow him to choose?  Because he's now a widower?
Once again, she's a passive creature to be pawed at?  Ick.  Like I said,
after she runs away from the house, the book really goes downhill for me.

As for St. John, the whole idea that she *has* to marry someone is annoying.
She's got money now, why not settle down in some nice village and decide for
herself if she wants to marry?  I know, part of it's the time period, women
were supposed to get married if they could, but still, it would have been
nice if she'd at least been presented with worthwhile men, not the dreck she
had to chose between.

Anything I've ever done that ultimately was worthwhile initially scared me
to death.
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