[LMB] snitrant

Debbie lioness at bellsouth.net
Sat, 22 Nov 2003 09:31:32 -0600

>I HATE being short. I have ALWAYS hated being short!
>I threaten to bite ankles when annoyed....
>And snarl about "the curse of the six foot male" when stores have stuff I
>don;'t even -see- because the shelves are over my head.  And JoAnn's store
>renovating that put large, heavy bolts of cloth on round cores of cardboard
>that are over my head, someone is likely to drop on their heads.... design
>by 6' male of course with higher center of balance and reach... .

Heh.  I'm short too.  It only really bothers me when I go shopping and 
can't find anything to wear.  And how come the Wall-of-Jeans always has the 
Petites up top and the Talls on the bottom?  Think, people!

I was in Hobby Lobby a couple of years ago when it got to be a bit much.  I 
went up front and found the (tall male) manager.  "Come with me," I said.

"What's the matter?"

"Just come with me."  I led him back to the needlepoint kit section and had 
him face it.  "Now bend your knees."

He gave me the "Are You Crazy?" look.

"Bend your knees until you're my height, then look at that section."  He 
did.  A third of the display promptly went out of his sight.

"Now how are your customers, who include a lot of little old ladies, 
supposed to even see your stock?  It might as well be sitting in your 

He apologized and told me there was nothing he could do, but a few months 
later they restructured the store, so I think he passed my complaint along.

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