[LMB] Ekaterin - real or construct?

James Burbidge jamesandmary.burbidge at sympatico.ca
22 Nov 2003 20:12:56 -0500

On Sat, 2003-11-22 at 20:07, Laura Gallagher wrote:
> > Interesting argument.  Mind going into more detail as to why, if Tien is
> Miles Gone Wrong, Ekaterin is still willing to marry him at the end of
> the book?  (For reference, I think I'm more on Winter's side of the
> argument rather than yours [1])
> Well, I personally wouldn't describe Tien as Miles Gone Wrong.
> But as to at least one part of my answer as to why Ekaterin would be 
> willing to marry Miles, even though he had made some screwups, some of 
> which could be compared to Tien's behavior - Tien wanted to keep her small, 
> dependent, powerless.  Miles wanted her to grow, achieve, become powerful 
> and strong.  He wanted her to have a planet.  (Or at least a district)  He 
> believed in her.  I think that last scene in Komarr, where he's describing 
> former girlfriends and how they've all achieved Great Things, is a 
> significant part of what makes him attractive to her.  He encourages her to 
> dream big.  And she wants to take a number and get in line for this!

Miles is also -- had to be, just to get where he was -- someone who
pushed himself to extremes and never made any allowances he wasn't
forced to for his own weaknesses, to say nothing of being ultracompetent
and a very good social dynamics type.  Tien was a stupid/lazy type who
blamed his own failures on others.

Miles as anit-Tien I can see, but not Tien as Miles gone wrong.