Missing Posts was: [LMB] Ekaterin - real or construct?

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At 06:27 PM 11/22/2003 -0500, you wrote:
>At 11:38 11/22/2003, K Kuhn wrote:
>>Interesting argument.  Mind going into more detail as to why, if Tien is 
>>Miles Gone Wrong, Ekaterin is still willing to marry him at the end of 
>>the book?  (For reference, I think I'm more on Winter's side of the 
>>argument rather than yours [1])
>I would think that if that question must be asked, that the author did a 
>poor job of explaining things in terms you would accept as valid.
>Regards, Pete

K. Kuhn, I never received your original post.  I've noticed what appeared 
to be missing posts every day on this list.  Apparently the posts I should 
receive around 5 - 6 CST never arrive.  The first day I thought they'd 
simply come in later.  Yesterday I thought they might have been late posts 
to threads started before I arrived.  Today I'm definitely missing posts, 
and I'm not happy about it.

FWIW, these are some replies that came in yesterday without originating 
posts.  Maybe they were picked up from threads started last week, but I've 
never seen them before:

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Does anyone know anything about this problem?

In answer to your question, Ekaterin has had a decade to observe that if 
Tien had just handled Problem X *this* way instead of *that* way it would 
have been resolved instead of worsened.  That sounds like a potent argument 
in favor of Miles' suit all be itself.

I thought of another resemblance between Tien and Miles, but I can't 
remember it now and the family's demanding supper.

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