[LMB] snitrant, was Sort of OT: Tall women/short men OT:TOOL FU

Alexandra Haropulos aharo at erols.com
Sun, 23 Nov 2003 11:28:30 -0500

Suprised to see all the rant about tool sizes (ahem). As a
5'5" woman, I never seemed to have any problem with hand
tools, power tools, machine tools, etc. Although I have to
admit I drove one shop teacher crazy by working around a
drill press with unsecured waist-length hair.

As someone who worked hardware sales at Sears, including
restocking paint (50-lb boxes of four cans up a rickety
staircase in 3-inch platform shoes while weighing about 110
lbs - I was in college and thought I was immortal), never
seemed to have much problem. Outsold all of the professional
sales staff on "lawnmower weekend"; I actually read the
brochures and could highlight the features - scholastic
discipline has to be worth something. Carpentry, automotive
maintenance (sometimes easier to be small and a torque
wrench makes up a lot of difference), masonry have never
been too tough - maybe this is why I identify with Miles.
Also, as a physicist manque, I have found that proper
application of the right power at the right angle makes up
for a lot of "issues". The skeleton can be used as a lever
in astonishing ways, as long as you're paying attention.

Just do it.

A friend once called and admitted with shame that she had
let a man do a repair for her. I replied that "Woman is a
tool-using animal." She laughed very hard. Many men are
flattered to help, and none are happy about being taken
advantage of. But, isn't all of positive human interaction
about trying to be fair?