[LMB] Maybe new Convert

Susan Profit tinne at eskimo.com
Sun, 23 Nov 2003 10:36:53 -0800 (PST)

So, last weekend, I didn't get the book into the hands of the
potential convert. However, this week was a hell of a week between
having my Solex stolen (it was my way to get groceries so I didn't
have to call people and couldn't or shouldn't walk the 12 blocks home
from the store), made a police report, started to deal with the
outrageous demands from the former apartment owners, and spend
Saturday going to thrift stores and other places that have public
bulletin boards to get the word out about a reward for the return of
the bike in good condition. Given the bright yellow color and the
rarity of them in Washington State (3 in that color in the whole
state) this is going to get them busted if they try to sell it via
regular means.

The day started with me going down to try to do laundry and finding
that either the cold or the contractors making holes in the cement
floor of the storage areas (imagine three weekends and who knows how
many weekdays of roto-hammers and concrete saws through the walls
and floor no more than 20-40 feet from anywhere in my apartment) had
managed to have the washing machines for the complex to break down -
filled with grey, scummy water and unable to drain or agitate. Washing
clothes steeped in concrete dust will do that to a machine.

So, after scrambling all over town in her car, we gathered up laundry
and headed over to the laundry. I virtuously took my knitting and
loaned her the copy of CH to read while she waited for me. Giggle.

:) As we headed back to my place, she said that she could tell where
the action was going (oh, but she doesn't know about Aral and Cordelia
under Prince Serg's hands yet so she only -thinks- she knows where it
is going) she admitted it was one hell of a good romance and she found
Cordelia an amazing and powerful character. I figured she was hooked
when I sat down from using the bathroom (she was somewhere around page
60) and she glanced at me in mild annoyance at the interruption.

Susan in Kent