[LMB] Welcome to the Cult!

Cat Meier fairestcat at techemail.com
Sun, 23 Nov 2003 21:14:13 -0800 (PST)

Over the past several months I've been loaning Bujold to my friend Lisa every time I saw her.  Starting with Cordelia's Honor and then working through the Miles books.  She's been fitting them into her school schedule.  A couple weeks ago when she devoured Memory and Mirror Dance in quick succession I knew she was hooked.  Unfortunately, between her class schedule and my work, I haven't been able to meet up with her to give her any more of the series.

So tonight, we had an IM conversation that went something like this (edited slightly for context):

Lisa: I bought and read Komarr today
Lisa: in under 5 hours....
Me: like??
L: yeah...
L: and iwant to know what happens next :-)
Me: Well I can get you A Civil Campaign and Diplomatic Immunity but then you're caught up with the series
L: I know, and thats the sad part....
L: but... I need more
L: I was thinking of joining the mailing list
Me: welcome to the cult :-)
L: I always kind of wanted to be a cultist, i mean they have great parties ;-)

So, its official, I have a convert!  Probably won't be joining the list until after she goes to Rome next semester, but definately hooked.

I feel so proud!


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