[LMB] OT: Gender Roles

Countryboy countryboy66 at mchsi.com
Mon, 24 Nov 2003 11:53:12 -0600

> At 12:32 AM 25/11/2003, Alexandra Haropulos wrote:
> >Bart makes a good point. There seems to be a very clear
> >dividing line between men currently under 55 and men above,
> >where the under 55's have no problem with women as equals.
> >My baby brother routinely makes tire sales to women with the
> >line "my sister taught me automotive mechanics."
> >
> >My father, exceptionally, taught me automotive mechanics.
and Iestyn replied:
> This has been around a while as the exeption, rather than the rule. My
> mother, who is in her sixtys, was taught automotive mechanics by her
> father, while her mother refused to teach either of her children (both
> girls) to cook. Her Fathjer was a teacher, her mother a nurse.....

Mine is the reverse of the above.  My mom had two sons and taught us how to
cook and sew.  My dad was a very bad DIYer and I have had to teach myself
all of that stuff.  I agree with Heinlein.  A human should be able to build
a house, cook a meal, drive a car, balance a checkbook, write a poem.  Not
that I can do everything I wish I could, but I'm trying.

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