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Paula Lieberman paal at gis.net
Mon, 24 Nov 2003 15:05:46 -0500

-- Paula Lieberman
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> Marna Nightingale wrote:
> >"I didn't have the ovaries to insist
> > on a better drill, so now my thumb is permanently screwed up' sounds,
> > well, Stupid.

It only sounds "stupid" because it's not A Common Saying, it's not
customary...  it's sounds odd, because it's not something familiar and not a
family phrase  and not a familiar association -- someone ovaries are
associates a lot more with Blonde Jokes than e.g. wisdom.... wisdom
associated with "crone" in -some- cultures means that functional ovaries get
through of as wisdom-suppressing, perhaps....  testicles get associated with
Initiative, Drive, Assertiveness, Moral Integrity [ha....]  and other
positive -active- virtues... while active ovaries get associated with
"hysteria"  [derived from the Greek denoting that women's reproductive
systems render women incapable of logical thought, maturity, ability to be
an adult, etc....  REALLY obnoxious cultural and social baggage and
denotation, that!], puerility, childishness, immaturity, narrow focus on
child bearing and rearing...

Harrumph. Perhaps it's time to CHANGE that....

ne of my ex-bosses used to refer to "t*sticles, internal or
> external." I still use that line.

-- Paula, who wants to ERADICATE any correlation of "balls"/"testicles" for
anything except PURELY sexual matters and related health issues  [e.g,
testicular cancer is an undesirable disease, curable by radiation therapy
which kills cells, or surgery, which cuts them out.  The result is often
sterility in the particular affected testicles, unless the person whose
testicle it is decided his "manhood" being "intact" is preferable to staying
alive "emasculated."

Elizabeth Moon has a scene in one of her novels where a character's been
castrated; his father says, "It's not your balls but your brains that are
important."  [The character also had already had children, so it was not
preventing him from the status of fatherhood... it would prevent him from
fathering additional children, but he was already a father.]