OT: Rant was Re: [LMB] Construction

Elly Jeurissen e.jeurissen at home.nl
Mon, 24 Nov 2003 21:35:40 +0100

> Public transportation improves the livability/social scale of 
> cities, anyway.  I could not afford the lifestyle I have with 
> a car, and would not wish to ride a bike on the streets of SF 
> even if I could.  I am perfectly happy with feet, buses, 
> cabs, and shuttles to the airport or train station when I 
> need to leave town.

Take it from someone who did ride bikes, and visited SF once: you do not
want to ride a bike in SF. Much too many hills. Now if you ever visit the
flat parts of the Netherlands, a bike is a very good transport medium. But
then, public transport would be a good possibility too.

Who moved a few years ago, and now lives in the most hilly part of the
Netherlands. And who does not bike anymore since then.