[LMB] Miles/Ekaterin

Michael R N Dolbear m.dolbear at lineone.net
Mon, 24 Nov 2003 22:53:16 -0000

> From: Mitch Miller <mitchmiller at entertainmenttax.com>
> Date: 24 November 2003 19:00
> As for Miles' alleged breaches of trust of Ekaterin, I don't regard
either as unjustifiable or unforgivable.  As a trained, experienced
intelligence officer, his instincts told him something was up with Tien. 
He had every reason to go through their comconsole.  (Remember, they don't
have the Fourth Amendment in the Barrayaran Empire.)  To quote Miles (not
verbatim, don't have the books handy), "Being in ImpSec does things to your
mind, some of them not very nice."   And he[..]

"Ten years in ImpSec does things to your brain. Some of them aren't very
nice." [ACC ch13 ]

Some nit-picks here.

The Fourth Amendment doesn't actually require a warrant for every search,
it does require reasonable cause and you seem to saying he had such, though
I'm not sure I agree.

>From DI

"Miles, have you ever heard of the concept of a <i>search warrant</i>?"
"Dear Bel, how fussy you have grown in your old age. This is a Barrayaran
ship, and I am Gregor's Voice. I don't ask for search warrants, I
<i>issue</i> them."

Barrayar cares nothing for "separation of powers". I suppose a French
investigating magistrate or an old-style British Secretary of State might
legally sign his own warrant and then conduct the search himself.

Little Egret