[LMB] Ekaterin - real or construct?

K Kuhn kknolte at ecity.net
Mon, 24 Nov 2003 20:14:17 +0100

ginnilee p berger wrote:
> I dunno- I think she was having fun listening to Nikki talking on the
> comconsole while her brother and cousin-in-law were trying to get Nikki
> out of the bedroom. She went along for the ride because she had no way to
> keep Nikki from being taken away from her, and Gregor was able to refute
> their argument that Ekaterin couldn't take good care of him well enough.
> And Gregor DID say to call if there were problems or Nikki had more
> questions.

That's the problem that's niggling me - as presented, she didn't have
any way to keep Nikki from being taken away from her.  That was what
Nikki did, with the help of a kindly emperor.  The scene would have been
just fine and dandy, if it had been early in the book (as an example of
where she was then, as contrasted to the type of person who could take
care of problems like that by herself at the end of the book), or if it
had been a "Nikki grows up' book, where 'kid figures out how to solve
the problem the adults couldn't' is a fairly common way of showing the
kid growing up. 

IOW, if she was attracted to Miles because he was good at making his
earlier girlfriends competent people who can take care of their own
problems without a man doing it for them, um, that scene sorta indicates
she really should have asked for her money back or complained to the
Better Heroes Bureau, rather than marrying him.