[LMB] Re: Miles/Ekaterin

CatMtn at aol.com CatMtn at aol.com
Mon, 24 Nov 2003 20:59:28 EST

K Kuhn wrote:

> Oh, I'm perfectly happy with my assumption that Ekaterin and Miles work
> out because Ekaterin doesn't really care about being manipulated, as
> long as she gets a properly abject apology afterwards.  

My theory is more that she's decided that she doesn't mind if he
TRIES. As long as he doesn't mind when she calls him on it. 


M replies:

Y'know, Marna, I think you've got something there.  As long as she stays a 
jump ahead, it's OK, even fun.  It could even be -- piquant.  He tries 
manipulation, she either swats him down or lets him get away with it if it's what she 
wants to do anyway--and makes sure he knows she LET him get away with it.  That 
would work.