[LMB] Re: Miles and Tien

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Mon, 24 Nov 2003 21:56:52 EST

Alexandra H writes:
Umm...Miles has enormous moral superiority over Tien. He
genuinely believes in Good and Evil, tries hard to stay on
the side of Good, and re-examines his position at regular
intervals (even if some of these intervals are
incident-driven). Tien is Tien-centered, Miles is
Good-for-Barrayar-and-Citizens-centered. Miles IS NOT just
smarter and more successful than Tien.
M replies:

That's for sure.  I can't imagine Tien choosing to have a jump pilot's 
implants repaired even though it would cost as much as the entire rest of his 
repairs in BiA, or worrying about stealing from his own dead in BoI.  And the whole 
idea of Tien giving up a lightflyer to fund a school in a community of poor 
mountain people at age 22 or so in MoM is ridiculous.  Okay, so Miles did weasel 
around a little with Tav Calhoun in WA at age 17.  He did pay him back, with 
interest, and always intended to do so.  He bought Elli a new face, and got 
the best he could.  He also borrowed money on the Triumph in BiA when he didn't 
exactly own it.  However, he knew that Barrayar would pick up the tab as soon 
as he could get in contact with them because of the successful Dagoola 
operation, which would keep Cetaganda off their backs for a long time.  Also--Tien's 
employers got little contribution from him.  Miles' employers got results.  
LOTS of results.  Most of them good--

Someone said earlier that he diminished Ivan.  I think Ivan did that himself 
as a sort of passive-aggressive response to his mother.  Miles was envious of 
Ivan physically, but wouldn't have traded his own "forward momentum" for 
Ivan's "negative momentum."