[LMB] OT: gender based tools OT:

PAT MATHEWS mathews55 at msn.com
Mon, 24 Nov 2003 20:04:25 -0700

>From: Pouncer at aol.com

>How 'bout all them "tools" designed for "Norma" 'pon which "Norm"
>(or "Ian") damages himself?

And Xena the Amazon damages herself as well! Yup.

I believe the archives may have my rant about the ill-thought applied to 
most vacuum cleaners ...  A
>floor-standing oven isn't much better.

Do you know any well-designed? I think the floor-standing oven is designed 
to save floor space, though.

And aren't the little catches and tweakers on most sewing machines just 
DESIGNED to drive the
>fat-fingered into un-ladylike cursing?

Yeah. !@$#$!!!

Then there's the kitchen radio --
>with the tiny little rubber-cased buttons -- the rubber casing tears
>under a fingernail but just try pushing the buttons with the full flat of a

The WHAT? How does a kitchen radio differ from your everyday boom box?

>And isn't it weird how the finger-loops in hospital-grade forceps are
>big but the loops in a nearly-identical set of home first-aid kit
>"tweezers" are a diameter one-half-centimeter smaller?

Hmmm.... I bought a pair of tweezers from a jewelry supply shop for that 
use. Catalog URL, PLEASE!

>Zipper pulls.   Oh, and FIRST put the d at mn zipper in a position where
>a women absolutely CAN'T reach it herself and THEN make the zipper pull the
>size of a match head ...  I mean, taking the zipper pull in my teeth and
>tugging playfully is all well and good sometimes, and in getting it off --
>er, getting an article of clothing off, that is...  But when getting it on
>... oh
>H&LL let's just bail out of this paragraph now.

Find a token or totem. Attach to zipper pull with thong or ribbon or cord. 
Pretty as well as useful. Back-buttoning and back-lacing garments, however, 
are either the invention of the devil, or a full-employment scheme for 
ladies' maids.
>I suppose this isn't a good time to bring up the porcelain fixtures in
>the smallest room in the house...

What's wrong with them?
>You know the gap between the lightbulb and the glass "blossom"
>hanging off the bottom of a ceiling fan?  How flat do a man's fingers
>have to be to keep a good grip AND screw at the same time?
>(Another paragraph we might as well bail out on ...

I can't do it either, and I have small fingers.

>Oh, in DipImm, you know that quaddie space suit where all
>the weapons are, instead, tools?  Welders, riveters, presumably
>paint sprayers, all that?  Why wouldn't that be the kind of
>thing Lem of Silvy Vale would be learning to use as a
>carpenter/house builder in "the big city" -- even as a
>non-space based worker?   While Harra goes to school ...
>You suppose the construction-worker suits only fit
>(tall, Barrayaran) men?
On Barrayar? You'd better believe it. Think early XXth Century rural 

And there were an incredible number of infuriating jokes about how badly 
women drove - up until little Japanese riceburners became commonplace. Sized 
for the average Japanese man - and the average American woman.


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