[LMB] Re: Ekaterin's custody problem

CatMtn at aol.com CatMtn at aol.com
Mon, 24 Nov 2003 22:49:22 EST

Zivya writes:
If she had been 
twisty-minded, she could have spirited him away before they started 
bull-dozing past 
M replies:

How?  She had no job, no money, no skills.  How would she have supported 
Nikki while she got the training to do it herself if she didn't stay with the 
Vorhys?  And going to court to fight custody battles is time-consuming, expensive, 
demeaning, and depleting of energy in this country.  With Barrayar 
automatically giving legal custody of boys to the male parent or his family, it wouldn't 
be likely to be any easier or cheaper there.  Why should she go through all 
that just to make a point, when Gregor was willing to do it for Nikki as a 
payback to Ekaterin for her service in the Komarr matter?