[LMB] Translations, was: Listie checking in from Prague

Danielle N. Hart d_reykova at juno.com
Tue, 25 Nov 2003 16:31:08 GMT

>> Besides, I'm pretty sure that that's equation the translators wanted to avoid from the start, and the idea of it being a possible pun down the line isn't enough to keep the transliteration that "true."  LMB was being published by AST in Russia long before Memory came out, IIRC (haha).>>

 I know translation is a headache.  I do about six hours of it a month to stay in proficiency.  (And my papers continue to come back bleeding at me...)  Speaking of which, I need to find something new to torture myself with...

 Although I was reading on one of the sites related to the Russian publishing that using the "For" was a little problem in "Cetaganda" with Vorob'yev, which is actually a real Russian name.  (I forget where I read it, exactly.)

 Danielle (home and only mildly jetlagged) 

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