OT: Rant was Re: [LMB] Construction

Robert Parks rparks at lvhot.org
Tue, 25 Nov 2003 12:45:30 -0800

Azalais Malfoy responded to alayne:
>>* basic bike repair ...  (or auto repair if you can't ride a bike)

> Not everyone can do either.  I can't do either.  I would agree
> with you that if someone decides they can and want to own their
> own transportation, THEN they should learn to do basic repairs on
> it, but I really don't think own-your-own transportation is a
> good thing to expect of people generally.

One should be able to manage ones personal transportation.  At 
least knowing how it works enough to know when you are being 
snowed, and what to do if it breaks down.  If you have the luxury 
to live in a well-equipped city, that may be as little as knowing 
where to go or who to call.

For the vehicle free, that may mean knowing alternate bus routes, 
carrying car fare or cab fare, having numbers programmed into the 
cell phone and good shoes...

I can do basic bike repair, know who to call if a car or bus 
malfunctions, and always have my bus pass and schedule and 
knowledge of the system.

I *know* how lucky I am to live in a city where I don't need to 
own a personal auto.

> Public transportation improves the livability/social scale of
> cities, anyway.  I could not afford the lifestyle I have with a
> car, and would not wish to ride a bike on the streets of SF even
> if I could.

I sold my bicycle...no way I'm going to ride around on the 
streets without a nice big shell around me.  Having a good 
relationship with a rental car agency works for me.

> I am perfectly happy with feet, buses, cabs, and
> shuttles to the airport or train station when I need to leave
> town.

I think the traffic this holiday season is going to be 
disastrous...after two years of weaker economy, it is already 
picking up...and everyone is going to try to drive, after a 
couple years of relatively possible parking and traffic.

chanting: "paid by the minute, paid by the minute"