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Rowena morgaine at zonnet.nl
Tue, 25 Nov 2003 22:18:44 +0100

Op 25 Nov 2003 om 14:34, was Victoria L'Ecuyer zo lief om te schrijven:

> Me:
> I'm 33 and while Home Ec was not required, and girls were 
allowed in
> shop, most of the girls took 4 years of Home Ec and boys took 
> shop or woodworking. 

what is 'shop'?

I've (28 years of age) actually never had either woodwork or home 
economics or anything resembling that, and I doubt I had shop.

I've had in highschool: Dutch, English, German, French, Latin, 
classical Greek, geography, history, biology, physics, chemistry, 
maths, economy (the economical theory variaty, not bookkeeping), 
maatschappijleer (I think this would be social science/civics or 
something), music, drawing, handvaardigheid (art? woodwork?) - 
graduated in dutch, english (both obligatory), maths, latin, 
geography, economy and history. 

Is this curriculum odd in any of your eyes?

The subjects of 'verzorging' (=caring, mostly like home economics I 
would guess, practical skills as planning and cooking healthy food, 
first aid stuff and such skills as far as I can determine) and 
'Techniek' (=like handvaardigheid but more on the skill and less on 
the creative side, woodwork, but also metal work - really cool, I sort 
of consider getting myself reschooled to teach that) were added a 
few years ago.

They are both offered in the first years of highschool, which means 
that kids basically have no choice about them. The idea behind 
adding them to the mainstream curricula was explicitely to get boys 
some caring skills and girls some technical ones.

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