[LMB] Re: Ivan

Corrina Lavitt corrinal at cox.net
Tue, 25 Nov 2003 17:03:49 -0500

> I don't think Ivan needs (or is ready for) a wife.  However, in ACC, he
> to be coming to that pov.  How many girls did he propose to?  And he
> to propose to Donna until the Great Revelation.

I will note that Ivan and his cousin Miles do seem to share the same
knee-jerk proposal reflex. :)
> Actually, Ivan is one of my favorite characters.  I think there are
> uncomfortable and exciting adventures in store for him, and I'm sure he'll
have some
> kind of an interesting romance when he finally settles down.  I can't see
> with a herm, but maybe a quaddie?  No, probably not.  Maybe someone bright
> beautiful but highly non-vor/unsuitable from the Vorkosigan District
>  An LPST from Beta?  Someone he thinks will shock his mother, anyway.

Someone mentioned that Miles stifled Ivan. I think that's true, in a way.
Miles is so...Miles. Intense, overwhelming, overbearing. As a child of the
same age, Ivan probably had a choice: try to be match Miles or become the
anti-Miles. (Not consciously but subconsciously). Matching Miles was
obviously out of the question, so he became the not-Miles.

It had to have been hard for Ivan, growing up without a father and
simultaneously watching Miles with Aral, seeing how much Aral loved his son
and how much time he invested in his son. It's highly possible that much of
his 'idiot Ivan' behavior as a child came from an unconscious envy as well.

I see Ivan as someone who's been reacting to people all his life. He reacts
to Miles by being as different from Miles as possible. He reacts to his
mother's smothering by playing the field, he reacts to the responsibility as
a possible heir by being as little like heir material as possible.

He's always busy reacting. The one thing he's never done (at least
on-screen) is work towards something that matters intensely to him--he even
saw the military career as a way to get away from his mother.

My guess is we'll get an Ivan book when Lois figures out what the boy really
wants, what really matters to him. And given how good Ivan is at his
innocent bystander 'pay no attention to me' routine, I imagine that's not
going to be easy.

For me, I see Ivan with a woman who has a sense of fun on the surface and
also someone who can stand up to Lady Alys. Other than that, I wouldn't even
begin to guess. But I don't see a herm--if Miles couldn't bring himself to
have a fling with a herm, I can't see why Ivan, with a less liberal
upbringing, could. I don't see Ivan with a Vor either, really. The Vor
ladies seem to bore him. He did seem interested in that slightly crazed
college student mentioned in ACC, but she turned out to be manipulative.
Maybe an older, more mature version of that prototype.