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Mon, 24 Nov 2003 23:53:35 -0500

On Mon, 24 Nov 2003 12:14:54 -0500 Andrew Barton
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> Debbie <lioness at bellsouth.net:
> > It's not simply the size of the tools, it's the different way men 
>> and women  use their strength. ...
> > "Duh.  I didn't *lift* it.  My arms aren't that strong.  I bumped it 
> > forward with my knees and let my leg muscles do the work.
> Some men use these techniques ... my brother joined the BBC as an 
> engineer and part of his induction course was training on how to handle

> heavy objects - all about not lifting things directly but using
> and balance.
> I've had to learn these ways of doing things since I damaged my 
> shoulder at
> age seventeen.
> Andrew
> -- 

I sympthathize. I've had to learn to do A LOT of things differently
because of my permanent cast, which I've mentioned before (thank God I
don't have to wear it anymore!). For choir, I had to put velcro on a
black school binder, and velcro on my cast, because it was my left hand,
and you can't turn your hand up wearing that thing. Someone wanted me to
rip my folder from my cast as our choir director was bowing, but I wasn't
THAT cruel to him, even if he was a great target for jokes. ;-) And try
to get a personal shopping cart onto the bus when you have rotator cuff

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