[LMB] All generalizations are false, including this one OT:

Azalais Malfoy tiamat at tsoft.com
Tue, 25 Nov 2003 16:57:17 -0800 (PST)

On Tue, 25 Nov 2003, Jim Parish wrote:

> Mitch Miller wrote:
> > For goodness sake!  Who thinks anything about human behavior is
> > universal?
> Well, Mitch, you made a statement universal in form, and applied it to
> someone - Miles - separated from you by a thousand years and many
> light years. Are you truly surprised that people far closer to you in time
> and space might think you meant it to apply to them as well?

I sure did.  And I was trying to think how politely to say that
raising a boy makes you his mother, and that most women have very
little interest in having sex with their children, period.  This
includes 6-foot bearded children just as much as it does cats or

Being married is supposed to change you for the better, but being
married will only change you in ways that you're essentially
willing to change.  This is a lesson that both I and my
ex-husbands learned together.

~malfoy :)
"That wickedness weltering around inside of you, inside of everyone, is
sacred somewhere.  There's a deity out there who digs it.  You can respect
and love your darkest side, disposing only of what is obsolete or
impractical.  It's all about giving yourself permission." --Jack Darkhand

"It is better to be cruel for love than for hate." --Thomas Burnett Swann