[LMB] Re: Ivan

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Tue, 25 Nov 2003 20:48:21 -0500

On Tue, 25 Nov 2003 20:00:59 EST CatMtn at aol.com writes:
> Corinna writes re Ivan:
> He did seem interested in that slightly crazed
> college student mentioned in ACC, but she turned out to be 
> manipulative.
> Maybe an older, more mature version of that prototype.
> M replies:
> Yeah--a prettier, more intelligent, and more sophisticated version  of
>  A tough woman who won't take any excuses from Ivan, or any snubbing
> Lady Alys, although by now Lady A must be getting desperate enough for
him to get 
> married not to be too picky.  If she does want him to marry, her
romance with 
> Simon and subsequent ceasing matchmaking for Ivan is the best strategy
> can adopt.  Ivan doesn't just react--he reacts in the equal and 
> opposite direction from the one he's pushed in!
> Mary
> -- 

Hmmm- d'ya think that Alys' romance with Illyan might push Ivan to
finally marry, in that case? It would be the equal and opposite reaction
to their romance.
Lady Lavender of Teal