[LMB] All generalizations are false, including this one [Was: Ivan/Miles/Ekaterin]

Winter Wolfe winterwhitewolfe at yahoo.com
Tue, 25 Nov 2003 20:22:20 -0800 (PST)

>---->Ah, but if he could catch -- and keep -- a woman that Miles 
couldn't, it would be a nice little bit of one-upsmanship.

Only if Ivan is willing to never permanently settle down in Barrayar, 
since all of Miles's ex-lovers seem to dislike it.
---->Actually, I think Ivan is laid back enough to be able to deal with a wife who has her own career, even if it does take her off-planet for chunks of time.  He doesn't need a "Lady Vorpatril" to round out his life or his social duties.  He's not a Count's heir and he's far enough removed from the Imperium now with Gregor married and presumably planning to have children, and with Miles, Mark, and now little Aral between it and himself.  

As to Elli, Ivan probably would have to profusely apologize first. And probably not even then.
---->Maybe an apology would have been necessary at, say, the beginning of Brothers in Arms, but Elli and Ivan worked together with Miles after that awkward reintroduction, and I think there's been enough character development for them both to be sufficiently past a stupid-ass comment that Ivan made when he was all of 20.
---->Not that I think there will ever be a snowball's chance in hell of an Ivan/Elli anything, mind you.  I just like to argue.  *big self-deprecating grin*
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