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Tue, 25 Nov 2003 20:34:21 -0800 (PST)

Paula said:
I wonder.... have we ever gotten to see Ivan from Gregor's point of view?
We see him from Cordelia, we see him from Mark, definitely from Miles, 
we see him interacting with people.... but how does Gregor regard his
3rd-then-fourth-closest-in-line-for-the-throne relative?
---->That's a very good question.  Unfortunately, we never get Gregor's POV directly, but to extrapolate...  I think that, given Gregor's general perceptiveness when it comes to people, he sees beyond the laid back, devil-may-care attitude that Ivan carefully cultivates.  Mark clued in on it fairly quickly, and though no slouch himself when it comes to reading people, I think Gregor has a leg up on him.  So I'd say he realizes that Ivan's more intelligent and competent than, say, Miles would give him credit for.  And he's keeping an eye on him for the moment when he's finally ready to assert himself.  Gregor's "Let's see what happens" mentality.

<<snip>>  So anyway, Gregor grew up not just with Miles, but with Ivan present, 
too.  And Ivan's path in life was closer in some ways to Gregor's, in that 
Ivan went to stand Vor training, and didn't have to go through the surgeries 
that Miles went through, could have a relatively "normal" childhood of 
roughhouse play and schooling without undue concern for physical damage to fragile
mal-formed bones, didn't get looked at as "mutie," etc.
---->Good point.  Gregor would surely have felt more in common with Ivan than with Miles, one would suppose.  Note the comment in WA when Miles is talking about wanting an accomplishment fit to lay at his father's feet, while "fatherless Gregor" looked on at the scene.  Can't recall if Ivan was in the chamber for that or not.

Gregor's always known his cousin Ivan from the time he and Ivan were 
old enough for Ivan to register on him. Perhaps he took Ivan for granted, 
or maybe not--Gregor was trained to be perceptive and notice things and to 
be an Emperor, and get the best use out of his subordinates.  Ivan's one 
of his subjects, one closer in blood and in inheritance rights, but Ivan is a
subordinate and subject of Gregor.  Gregor's been using Miles for 
years, since childhood games in which Miles was the loyal subject to the 
Emperor and Gregor was famous emperors... where was Ivan in those games? He 
-was- around, and involved with both his cousins, but what role did he have 
in those playactions?!
---->Ooh, good question!!  Knowing the lot of them, Gregor was directing hugely significant historical battles, Miles was running Gregor's army for him, Elena was playing the part of the brilliant and valiant soldier, and Ivan was doing his best to stay the hell out of the way so that the next time Miles wanted a tunnel dug, or an old armory messed with, he was not going to get dragged into it and face yet another interminable lecture from his mother.   :)
---->*sigh*  Does anyone else wish we could have a book from when they were kids?

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