[LMB] All generalizations are false, including this one [Was: Ivan/Miles/Ekaterin]

Winter Wolfe winterwhitewolfe at yahoo.com
Wed, 26 Nov 2003 06:03:35 -0800 (PST)

Besides, Elli already -has- reproduced, presumably.  She'd down to one
ovary,  Does another here see Ivan having a benign reaction to "I have 
sons on Athos, perhaps you'll take ours to see their half-siblings, or maybe
Ethan and Terence Cee and their family will come visit us." Not on
homophobic Barrayar!!!
---->Nah, I don't think Elli ever has any expectation of seeing any of her sons.  Maybe a periodic head-count from Ethan.  Can't you just see the exchange, though?  Someone asks Elli if she thinks she might want kids someday, and she comes back with "Last count, I had 146."

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