[LMB] Ektarin and 'homebodies'

Bart Kemper bkemper at bigdogz.com
Wed, 26 Nov 2003 19:05:04 -0600

Paula wrote:

> That's a major contributor to me finding Ekaterin someone I don't go out of
> my way to read about.  I am just not enthralled with a character with that
> mindset.  There was a story that Sandy Yulke, who post-getting-degrees
> became a member of the MIT administration, and last I heard was in some exec
> position at some other university, told back during the Watergate hearings.
> She was a grad student at the time, and tried to strike up a conversation
> with the wife of one of her fellow grad students.  "What do you think of the
> Nixon impeachment hearings?" Sandy asked the woman.  The woman turned to her
> husband and asked, "Honey, what I do think about the Nixon impeachment
> hearings?"
> AAAARRRRGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!  I really, really, really don't want to deal with
> that sort of thing!   Give me someone who's at least able to carry on an
> intelligent conversation or have an opinion of their own, or play Ivan and
> come up with all sorts of crazy ways to get out of expressing one!

That is an AWFULLY narrow view of married women.  I know no few women 
who made a choice to run the household and raise the kids (as well as 
other activities, such as handling all the moneys and investing and 
thereby surpass the nominal pay income substatially...or maybe even 
write SF novels) who held strong, independent views their entire 
relationship with a given partner.  It is extremely faulty logic to make 
the baseline assumption of "married, home, with kids" (aka  "homebody") 
= what Paula describes above, and then having made that extremely broad 
assumption, apply it to Ekaterin.  Ekaterin hasn't demonstrated any 
instance I can recall that would validate Paula's scenario above as 
being applicable.

I also know some single women (and men) who are single because...well, 
at least, theorized by those who know these critters...they have very 
little to actually contribute to a relationship.  Some are even rather 
educated..but they are unable to share, communicate (as in transmit AND 
recieve...the transmitter works, reciever very faulty), they are 
relatively unemcumbered by responsibilities and can construct a safe 
world for them to pen themselves up in....well, I'm sure everyone can 
thing of people who are single "for a reason", and not neccessarily 
because the person says "I don't want anyone."  Just making the point 
while Paula seems to have this very myopic view of married women, being 
married or being single is not an indicator of ...well, of about 
anything except maybe their tax return structure.