[LMB] was OT: rant & still OT: car ownership alternative

Robert Parks rparks at lvhot.org
Wed, 26 Nov 2003 17:41:47 -0800

Marna Nightingale volleyed:
>>>I want a lumber store that delivers.
>>>Marna, redoing the kitchen.

>>Well, we have that, but they aren't free.  If I was doing a large
>>project all at once, would be worth it though.

> See, exactly. I want one window's worth of trim, 6 lengths of
> quarter-round, and two pieces of door trim. 

Ah.  Yes.  I would walk that home, since the lumberyard is only 
about a dozen blocks away.  8 foot pieces of trim are a pain on 
the bus.

> And as long as I'm dreaming, a 6 pack of Woodchuck and a pizza. And a
> minion. A pretty one. :-)

Don't we all.  Don't we all.

> Marna, who has the pizza, at least, well in hand.

Well, you're ahead of me, I'm down to hot tea and warm flat Mtn Dew.

waaah and I have to go to work tmw.