Breeding (Was: Re: [LMB] Ivan)

Richard Macdonald rmacdonald at
Thu, 27 Nov 2003 06:52:22 -0500

"David W. Levine" wrote:
> I've this sort of odd image of Ivan discovering he *likes* pulling off
> stuff for
> Gregor, discovers he's actually *good* at it, and he kind of likes the snarky
> oddball things he finds he has to deal with. This leads to the even more
> wonky image of Gregor, finally, a decade later, getting the trusted head of
> ImpSec from his own generation in Ivan. The mind boggles, but refuses to
> quite ignore the possibility. (And it might just be the worst thing that could
> happen to Ivan, and the best thing that could happen to Gregor.)
> Mildly croggled,

To croggle you some more, can you imagine

Captain Vorpatril (the dreaded chief of ImpSec)

Nah, I can't see it.
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