[LMB] Miles/Ekaterin

D Echelbarger bujoldjunkie at tds.net
Thu, 27 Nov 2003 07:21:56 -0600

Azz-the-Younger said:

> I had a "WWMD" necklace for a good long
> time some years back. In fact, this
> discussion sounds vaguely familiar...

Congratulations, Azz, you've just graduated to
old-list-hand status.  <g>

Seriously, when you've been around a while you
start to realize that just about every topic
recycles, given enough time.   Mostly because new
folk keep asking the same questions (Betan Earring
Code, Why Isn't Gregor Called Ezar, etc) but
partly because, well, that's the way things go
with human beings.

Me, I like to sit back when the people go to it
over a topic we've hashed out half-a-dozen times
and see if they come up with a new wrinkle on it.
That's much preferable to repeating "Well, last
time we discussed this...." every six months or
so.  It lets me enjoy watching them work it out
and doesn't spoil their fun.

Diane E