[LMB] Re: Matrimonial buck-passing

CatMtn at aol.com CatMtn at aol.com
Thu, 27 Nov 2003 09:33:19 EST

Paula writes:
> She was a grad student at the time, and tried to strike up a conversation
> with the wife of one of her fellow grad students.  "What do you think of the
> Nixon impeachment hearings?" Sandy asked the woman.  The woman turned to her
> husband and asked, "Honey, what I do think about the Nixon impeachment
> hearings?"

M replies:

Was the grad student sure the wife was serious?  Or maybe she disagreed with 
the departmental position on the subject and didn't want to embarrass her 
husband by saying so, but was giving him a not-so-gentle dig about it.  Joe and I 
sometimes, when one of us held extremely strong views about something that we 
really didn't want to talk about because it would turn into a rant 
inappropriate for the occasion, would ask the other to explain their views on the 
subject.  Like "Uh, he feels so strongly in favor of (or against) *** that he usually 
doesn't discuss it at parties.  If you really want to talk to him about it, I 
suggest you come over to our place some time when it would just be the two of 
you and he could talk freely."  This occurred several times, and usually the 
person just dropped the subject.  However, once or twice they actually came 
over and had a high-decibel discussion either in opposition or agreement.  He 
did the same for me a time or two.