[LMB] Re: Matrimonial buck-passing

Michael D Brazier mdbrazier at juno.com
Thu, 27 Nov 2003 21:15:25 -0600

On Thu, 27 Nov 2003 09:33:19 EST CatMtn at aol.com writes:
> Paula writes:
> > She was a grad student at the time, and tried to strike up a 
> > conversation with the wife of one of her fellow grad students. 
> > "What do you think of the Nixon impeachment hearings?"
> > Sandy asked the woman.  The woman turned to her husband
> > and asked, "Honey, what I do think about the Nixon 
> > impeachment hearings?"
> M replies:
> Was the grad student sure the wife was serious?  Or maybe she 
> disagreed with the departmental position on the subject and didn't
> want to embarrass her husband by saying so, but was giving him a
> not-so-gentle dig about it.  

Has anyone else been reminded of the scene in Heyer's _Regency
Buck_ where someone asks Beau Brummell which lake in the Lake
District he liked best, and Mr. Brummell calls his valet and passes
the question on to him?  I really don't think the point of that scene
was to show Mr. Brummell was the slave of his valet...

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