[LMB] Re: Ivan

Robert Parks rparks at lvhot.org
Fri, 28 Nov 2003 00:15:28 -0800

Mary responds to Richard MacDonald :
>> To croggle you some more, can you imagine Captain Vorpatril
>> (the dreaded chief of ImpSec)

> I think Duv will have that one sewed up by then, with Delia
> and the rest of Team Koudelka's help.  Maybe Ivan as a
> Barrayaran James Bond?  He seems to have the womanizing part
> of that one down already.  Just imagine Ivan liaising with the
> Dendarii for the Emperor, romancing Cavilo, and dealing with
> Jackson's Whole.

 From what Lois has said about catching Ivan, much less pushing 
him into the spotlight, I doubt that we will get more than one 
"worst thing" before he manages to escape from "interesting 
times" into boring Vordom of some sort.

But we'll see.