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> Mary responds to Richard MacDonald :

>  From what Lois has said about catching Ivan, much less pushing
> him into the spotlight, I doubt that we will get more than one
> "worst thing" before he manages to escape from "interesting
> times" into boring Vordom of some sort.
> But we'll see.

Meanwhile, we have the universe that Chalion is in to read about.  So far
we've had Cazaril whose travels have taken him to death and back, and Ista
whose pilgrimage has taken her from acted-upon to active principal, and more
books to come.  It's likely to be a while before Ivan or his associated
re-emerge into a new story.   While I'd be interested in finding out where
Ivan's going to be next/what he's evolving into,  I'm looking forward to the
next book set in the world that Chalion's in.