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> "Rowena" <morgaine at zonnet.nl> wrote:
> >ha, now I am confused. I have to admit having read neither Eric
> >Flint's books nor James Schmitz (drat, hate to be dependant on a
> >library!!).  At Baen's website you see the cover of the collected
> >stories volume, on the cover it does indeed mention James Schmitz
> >so I first thought he was the author, but when I scrolled down his
> >name was not mentioned, and there was this: 'other books by Eric
> >Flint published by Baen-thing' so I assumed the author was Flint and
> >James Schmitz was part of the title.
> Further details on the story I'm thinking of.
> The plot involves two Agents of Vega working together
> to draw the crazed telepathic ruler of a world out
> from hiding.

That wasn't The Truth about Cushgar, though, was it?  Two Agents working
together would have been Padagan, who was from non-human stock (as opposed
to Zamm [I might be misremembering her name] who was a Daya-Bal [IIRC].  I
don't remember the name of the Zone Agent that Padagan in effect interned
with.... and I'm getting more sure that that was the story with the crazed
rulers, because that Zone Agent, had been primed to be CAREFUL around the
fellow.  Also -- but no, I don';t want to give the story away.