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And think of Ethan(I was rereading Ethan of Athos last week). He's an 
established physician, yet he doesn't get quite the same respect as his 
collegues who are already fathers.


So Many Books, So Little Time

,From Ziviya,

>Although I see your point, as well.  Many single friends of mine see
>themselves relegated to the sidelines, while the wives are given more 
>respect.  A
>former classmate of mine is a pediatrician, and gets less respect from her 
>then her married, home-making sisters.
>Part of that woman's difficulty is in her own desire to be married, and 
>of success thereof.
>Back OnTopic - Ekaterin doesn't want to be married while marriage is a 
>but she does want the best for Nikki.  She doesn't think she can afford to
>move out of her aunt's house on her own, or feed and clothe them, on her 
>budget.  Some of that has to be in the back of her mind, all the time, not 
>when she's thinking should she or shoulnd't she marry.
>Also she doesn't seem to be invisible on Barryar -- she wishes her widow's
>blacks would make her so, but it doesn't work.
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