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I think the whole idea is a little like some of the urban 
legends---"these things exist--but not here.  It's those people down the
road who 
live like that." Mary

I have met many "trophy wives". They were all the same general type, 2nd
wives, of extremely successful men, who had decided to "pay the price" and
trade in the old stand-by model for some newer, prettier, trophy-type. Most
were not vacuous, they were just not college high-end material, although
mostly they went to schools like Radcliffe, and others where social and
frat/sorority life were available, so they could make "old school ties" work
for them. They spent a lot of time looking good, were great hostesses, and
were extremely functional. One presumes that they were also "good in bed",
although that doesn't always come with the territory.

It's a fairly common phenomenon in executive corporate circles, not anything
like a majority, but a solid 10-15% rate of occurrence. Incidentally, many
of the "original executive wives" were also very good looking, spent loads
of time and energy on looking good and being hostesses, and not much time on
"volunteer" work - it all depends on the circles one travels in, but
executives at very large enterprises, especially before the recent corporate
governance movement, really operated in a very rarified and rules-different
world than we experience.

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