[LMB] Re: Trophy wives (was Ekaterin)

CatMtn at aol.com CatMtn at aol.com
Fri, 28 Nov 2003 21:42:32 EST

Paula writes:
> M replies:
> Yes, and corporate wives at the executive level usually don't work outside

Paula inserted: If you mean "trophy wives"....

> the home whether they have children or not, but are rarely dummies.
 M again:

I never met a "trophy wife."  The companies my husband worked for were all 
quite conservative and trophy wives would have been career poison.  The 
corporate wives of my acquaintance had very mixed backgrounds, from the 
Radcliffe/Junior League types to ex-small-town schoolteachers like me (and there were 
several of us).  Some were pleasanter than others, but none were what could be 
called dummies.  All were college grads, most with at least some graduate school.  
Most of us were involved in some charity work (the local zoo and a soup 
kitchen, for me), and most of the other wives had families either in process of 
being raised or already grown and out of the house.  In the only marriage I knew 
of besides my own in which the husband had been married before, he was a 
widower.  In our case, Joe had married very young, divorced, and met and married me 
years later when he was 37 years old and I was 31.  Actually, I probably 
appeared to be the closest thing to one, as I _looked_ like a bimbo (not 
intentionally, just genetics; Italian ancestry can do that to you) until I'd been 
married a few years and gained a few pounds and some gray in my hair (Italian 
ancestry can do that, too, especially the pounds.)  I was considered a little odd 
for reading a lot of science fiction as well as science fact, but everybody had 
their quirks, so it didn't really matter, especially since my biology 
background was very helpful to personal injury lawyers who usually needed an 
interpreter to understand medical reports.  We all led boringly conservative social 
lives by list standards, at least as far as the list talk goes.  Not having been 
to any cons, I can't really say from experience.  I think the whole idea is a 
little like some of the urban legends---"these things exist--but not here.  
It's those people down the road who live like that."  Or maybe there truly are 
some who do, outside of soap operas and novels, and I just never met any.