[LMB] Re: Matrimonial subtexts in Chalioniverse

Susan Profit tinne at eskimo.com
Fri, 28 Nov 2003 18:59:07 -0800 (PST)

"> She was a grad student at the time, and tried to strike up a
> with the wife of one of her fellow grad students.  "What do you
think of the
> Nixon impeachment hearings?" Sandy asked the woman.  The woman
turned to her
> husband and asked, "Honey, what I do think about the Nixon
> hearings?""

May I suggest there are several reasons, beyond university
departmental politics why such an answer might not be taken at face
value. BUT - since we are getting the tale third hand I actually
assume that it was edited by the woman on the scene to leave out some
details that might have supported the view that the woman wasn't
kidding about.

There were times when people would ask me what I thought on a subject
of Washington State or King County politics. Given that I spent many
many years as a child in a family that worked for the State and that
included several state and county level politicos, having babysat for
more, and having seen/overheard strategy sessions in my own living
room (or theirs when baby-sitting children) it was not at all uncommon
for me to say "You really don't want to know." Bill would roll his
eyes and say "You REALLY don't want to know."

We both figured if the person asked again after that double red flag,
the gloves were off and I would tell them more than t hey wanted to
know about the history of the politicians and the subject at hand.
When they got a more-than-glazed-over look to their eyes, I would
again say "You really didn't want to know this, did you?"

There have been times when I varied the formula by looking at Bill and
sweetly asking "What's my opinion on X?" to which he still replied to
the person asking "You REALLY don't want to know."

Didn't mean I wasn't interested or had no opinion, it was more a
warning of you just stepped in the path of an inner circle outsider.

So, now to take this back into the realm of Chalion: having seen
Ista, having seen her beloved in action, having seen Caz and his
dearest heart, knowing that Caz and Ista were very much inner circle
outsiders, how do people think THEY would reply to the general
question of someone asking the less-involved-in-politics partners
what they thought on the issue of Chalionese politics?

Susan in Kent