[LMB] Re: Matrimonial buck-passing

CatMtn at aol.com CatMtn at aol.com
Fri, 28 Nov 2003 23:17:51 EST

Susan of Kent writes:
There have been times when I varied the formula by looking at Bill and
sweetly asking "What's my opinion on X?" to which he still replied to
the person asking "You REALLY don't want to know."

Didn't mean I wasn't interested or had no opinion, it was more a
warning of you just stepped in the path of an inner circle outsider.

M replies:  
That's exactly what I meant!  So much would depend on inflection, etc., that 
you can't write the woman off as a complete loser for one remark.

So, now to take this back into the realm of Chalion: having seen
Ista, having seen her beloved in action, having seen Caz and his
dearest heart, knowing that Caz and Ista were very much inner circle
outsiders, how do people think THEY would reply to the general
question of someone asking the less-involved-in-politics partners
what they thought on the issue of Chalionese politics?
Illvin would doubtlessly reply like you--Betriz might be more gentle about 
it, but probably not.  Actually, as Iselle's chief Lady in Waiting, I'm not sure 
you can say Betriz was less involved, though.